Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deep breaths, everybody

Now that we've all had 8+ hours to decompose from Joel Ward's series-ending goal, putting the Caps into the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs...I can get around to a few observations on the night (and series).
For starters, let me point out to Boston sports fans that anything we Caps fans said/did on Twitter wasn't personal. We have more respect for you than we do for Penguins/Cowboys/Philly sports fans.
Having said that, it makes this next statement all the more repellent.
For a vocal minority of so-called Bruins "fans" to use "nigger" (on Twitter) in describing Joel Ward...simply reinforces the stereotypical image of South Bostonites as racists and/or bigots.
Truth be told, I've sat in FedEx Field (back when my brother had Redskins season tickets) and watched Skins fans drop bombs at opposing teams' fans. So you can't claim the moral high ground when it's your own fan base behaving like assholes.
I realize not all Boston fans are like these shitholes last night. This series was exhausting for everyone, let me tell you. But...
Since I have to be at Fenway Park on the 8th of June (to cheer on the Nationals), you'll forgive me if I have a slight fear for my life after last night.
Try to understand why...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Load of shit, part 2

Short one.
Braden Holtby, how the fuck dare you allow yourself to wander out of position in overtime to leave an open net?
Because of your stupidity (and yours alone), the Caps now have to go to Boston on Wednesday night to play Game 7.
That's all I have to say.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Load of shit, is what it is

For the NHL to suspend Nicklas Backstrom for Thursday night...simply because he chose to defend Ovie after the final whistle Monday night...shows once again that the league office is waging a vendetta against the Caps.
This is only my opinion, mind you, but I'm sure you'll find other Caps fans might share my view...
At any rate, the game Thursday is gonna be interesting.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

And we're tied up...

Wonderful to see Nicklas Backstrom get the game winner today...and see that Obama-hating douchebag Tim Thomas make a mad dash for the locker room like the fussy he is.
This asshole is to hockey what Kyle Busch is to NASCAR, to tell you the truth...a whiny turdburglar.
Anyway, back to the game. Braden Holtby once again played out of his head, but this time he kept his head in the game. (And rewarded for it.)
Now it's on to the Verizon Center on Monday night. Ladies and gentlemen, the fury WILL be unleashed!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh, shit...

I spend the whole fricking night tweeting on the Caps game, as Braden Holtby played so out of his head...and, wouldn't you know it?
He lets a fricking blue line shot get past him in OT!!
Well, good thing I said up front this was going 7
Now if I can just get somebody to follow this blog for the duration of the playoffs (and, I'd be a happy man. God, I hate begging...LMAO