Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bandwagons: WHO the fuck needs 'em?

Normally, I wouldn't address anything like this...but after having spent the bulk of this night on Twitter, I have to.
Okay, so the Caps fucked up tonight against the Blackhawks (your final, 5-2 Chicago). It's a disturbing pattern, I admit. But what's even more disturbing is watching Caps fans (on Twitter) backbite one another.
And coming after ME...just because I dared to point out that the "old-school" white jerseys represent tradition...does not work for you!!
I have backed this franchise SINCE IT'S EXISTENCE, people!! That gives me the right to say what I want about the pathetic effort being showcased night after night by this Caps "team".
(Take a good hard look at the picture below. They could probably do better than what I'm seeing out of the Caps right now.)
There. I've vented enough for one night...

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