Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well, THAT blew...didn't it?

This is what happens when you only have 6 fucking days to prepare for starting the NHL season late.
You have Braden Holtby completely melt down in the 3rd period on Saturday night. Just totally un-acceptable, people. That's all I need to say on that, really.
Oh well...move on to tonight, against Winnipeg. (Move from Atlanta, but still in the Southeast Division. Thanks for nothing, NHLPA, in shooting down re-alignment last year. Asswipes.)
Is my contempt showing? I'm watching these damned games, but the joy's been taken out by this lockout and its aftermath. Can any of you blame me?
Thought I'd get that out of my system. Okay, fine...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

We're BACK!!!

Yes, boys and girls, hockey has returned. And everybody is a tad rusty (& it shows). Proof of that, is that Braden Holtby has given up 3 goals after 2 periods.
But, Joel Ward has 2 for the Caps. 3rd period starting as I write this...so must focus on watching this damned game...lol
In the meantime...ROCK THE RED, people!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My God, it's been...what, 8 months sincee I last wrote on this blog? Yeah, I know it should've been sooner...for that, blame the NHL and the players' union for fucking the fans over.
But, that's ancient history now.This time next week, we're back to playing hockey...albeit a 50- or 48-game schedule. Whatever...
It just means the regular season is going to mean that much more to everyone. No more important than it will be for us Caps fans, after seeing how both the Nationals and Redskins made the postseason(s) in 2012. (And promptly bombed out in the 1st round...DAMMIT!!)
So now it's time to...
ROCK THE RED for 2013!!